Budapest Walking Tours

Budapest Walking Tours

Budapest has undergone numerous renovations as a result of the impact of historical events, yet it is still regarded as a typical Eastern European metropolis because of the range of architectural styles. See how it survived Budapest's and Hungary's formative years to remain majestic and imposing.

Get to know other tourists while learning about the city's fascinating history, which spans from the foundation of the Hungarian nation through the medieval era, through the Mongol and Ottoman invasions, the age of empires, and the celebration of the millennium.

The advent of modernization brought color to the area, making it perfect for the Original Free Walking Tour. It goes without saying that it's one of the most rapidly developing cities in all of Europe and that it's also a cheap, safe, and simple place to get around.

This historical tour stops at a tonne of attractions and historical sites, but along the route, our guides will tell tales and provide background on significant historical figures, events, musicians, and architectural styles. In this way, no two tours are precisely alike, and your entertaining and knowledgeable guide ensures that you have a special experience.

Book Walking Tour In Budapest

By booking our private trip, you'll have a dedicated tour guide to help you and your loved ones, family, or group of friends exclusively see Budapest. The ideal method for exploring a new city! You can tour Budapest on your own schedule for 2.5 or 5 hours, stopping at the locations that most interest you. The tour might follow the typical routes, going by the main attractions, or you can design your own itinerary or let your guide tailor the experience to your preferences.

The route that we suggest starts at the Chain Bridge, travels past the legislature, the area around the castle, the Matias Church, the Fisherman's Bastion, Mount Gellert, and over the Elisabeth Bridge into Pest. We'll stop at the Central Market, the Synagogue, the city park, the Széchenyi baths, the Zoo, and Heroes Square, and then return to the city center by traveling through Andrássy Avenue and passing the Opera House and St. Esteban Cathedral.

Budapest Walking Tour Package Options

If you want to learn more about Budapest's history and culture, start with the free General Budapest Walk. If you find yourself craving more information, you can always return to join one of the walking tours that are based on a specific theme. A visit to the Jewish district, a street and urban art tour, a communism walk, and an evening stroll through Pest. The starting times are neatly spaced out throughout the day, and we always gather in the city's highly busy Elisabeth Square on the Pest side.

Classic Buda Castle Walking Tour

Take a Budapest walking tour with a guide to discover the Buda Castle neighborhood. View famous landmarks including the Royal Palace and Matthias Church. Take a stroll through Budapest's historic Castle District's cobblestone streets. Admire the Matthias Church and the Fishermen's Bastion's Gothic beauty and wander through the courtyards of the Royal Palace complex to learn more.

2.5-Hour Underground Cave Walking Tour

With one of Budapest's must-see sights, you may escape the crowds and let yourself get lost in the underground petrified world. A private, small-group guided tour will take you to two underground caves where you can discover the source of their special mineral water. Discover Budapest's natural cave system. Visit two paved and lit caves.

City Center Walking Tour

On this walking tour of Budapest, you may avoid the packed tourist buses and get a better sense of the city's stunning structures from the 19th century and striking monuments. Gaze at the enormous Saint Stephen's Basilica. Discover the monuments and squares that surround the magnificent Hungarian Parliament building.

Jewish Heritage Guided Walking Tour in Budapest

Discover the history and traditions of the Hungarian Jews on this fascinating walking tour in Budapest. Visit the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, the Jewish Museum, the Holocaust Cemetery, and the Dohany Street Synagogue. Admire the Dohany Street Synagogue's Moorish Revival architecture. Make a solemn stop at the Holocaust Memorial.

Budapest Historical Sightseeing - Walking Tour

On this thorough and very reasonably priced walking tour, you'll get the lay of the land and a crash course in Hungarian history. Join a small group of tourists and a knowledgeable tour guide for a stroll around the majority of the city's top sights, such as the Hungarian Parliament, the biggest synagogue in Europe, and St. Stephen's Basilica.

Budapest All in One Walking Tour with Cafe Stop

Take this walking tour of Budapest to get some exercise while taking in the sights. Your local guide takes you to the city's highlights, such as the stunning Buda Castle and Heroes Square, which are both included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Heroes Square is also home to the famous statues of the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars. Take a break with a hot beverage and a delectable Hungarian dessert. There is a 10-person maximum for this walking trip.

Budapest Castle District Walk with Matthias Church Entry

Take a walking tour of Budapest and take in the stunning Buda Castle District. Walk the city's cobblestone streets with a local guide as you learn about its lengthy past. Visit the Royal Palace and other UNESCO World Heritage Buildings, as well as less well-known sites like Sandor Palace.

Budapest Culinary & Wine Walk

During a walking tour of the Hungarian city, explore Budapest's culinary culture. Experience Central Market Hall, Budapest's largest food market, in a small group of no more than eight food enthusiasts. Sample local fare at a patisserie and an artisan chocolate shop. On this educational tour, indulge your palate with three Hungarian wines while listening to your gastronomic guide's insightful commentary.

Combined Hop-on Hop-off Tour Including River Cruise and Walking Tour

With a simple combo package that includes a 19-stop hop-on hop-off bus tour that allows you to see the city's greatest sights at your own speed, you can explore Budapest in three different ways. Take a boat excursion to see Margaret Island, Castle Hill, and other riverbank attractions.

Why to Go for a Budapest Walking Tours?

  • Marvel at the enormous Saint Stephen's Basilica.
  • Discover the monuments and squares that surround the magnificent Hungarian Parliament building.
  • Visit two paved and lit caves.
  • Learn about the area's geological past.
  • Climb the 7-meter-long ladder and more than 400 stairs.
  • Take a stroll through Budapest's historic Castle District's cobblestone streets.
  • Wander through the courtyards of the Royal Palace complex to learn more.
  • Take a Danube River cruise to take in the heights of the Castle District.
  • Visit Fisherman's Bastion for breathtaking Danube views.
  • Admire the Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion's Gothic beauty.

Famous Places to Explore on Budapest Walking Tour

Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

The oldest zoo park in Hungary and among the oldest in the world is the Zoo & Botanical Garden of the Capital. It has 1,072 animal species and, unusually for a zoo, is situated in the heart of the city in Városliget Park. There are more than a thousand different species. The Komodo dragon and the wombat are the two most unique species that may be found in the zoo.

The Royal Palace of Gödöllő

The Imperial and Royal Palace of Gödöll, also known as Grassalkovich Castle, is a palace in central Hungary's Pest County, in the Gödöll municipality. It is well known for being a favorite location of the Hungarian Queen. One of the most significant and substantial examples of Hungarian palace architecture is the palace.

The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue, the Heroes' Temple, the cemetery, the Memorial, and the Jewish Museum, which was constructed on the spot where Theodor Herzl's birthplace formerly stood, are all part of the Dohány Street Synagogue complex. Dohány Street, a green street in the heart of the city, is associated with the Holocaust because it served as the perimeter of the Budapest Ghetto.

Buda Castle

The historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian Kings is located in Budapest and is called Buda Castle. Although the huge Baroque mansion that now dominates most of the site was constructed between 1749 and 1769, it was initially finished in 1265. Previously, the complex was known as the Royal Palace or the Royal Castle.

Parliament Building

The National Assembly of Hungary is housed at the Hungarian Parliament Building, sometimes referred to as the Parliament of Budapest due to its location. It is a well-known landmark in Hungary and a well-liked tourist attraction in Budapest. There are 691 inner rooms, 10 courtyards, 88 statues of former Hungarian kings on the building's exterior, and 12.5 miles of staircases in this location.

Hungarian National Museum

Founded in 1802, the Hungarian National Museum is the country's official repository for its history, art, and archaeology, including those of regions outside of its current borders, such as Transylvania. It should not be confused with the Hungarian National Gallery's collection of world art.


Do I need to book Budapest Walking Tours in advance?

The first tickets you should reserve in advance are for the Parliament tour. The Great Synagogue tickets should be your second choice, and the Széchenyi Thermal Baths tickets should be your absolute final choice if you want to really unwind. You can get a Pass to enter attractions and greatly simplify your access to them. You can select a 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120-hour Budapest Card, which is good for entry into more than 17 museums. Additionally, it provides two walking tours, two unrestricted rides on public transportation for the duration of the card's validity, and certain discounts at nearby eateries.

What is the best time to explore Budapest?

Budapest is best visited from March through May and from September through November. The ideal weather and low tourist season are experienced during these shoulder seasons. The weather is generally pleasant, with temperatures rarely rising over tolerable levels.

What is the best way to explore Budapest?

In Budapest, getting around is incredibly simple. The three metro lines, tramlines 2, 4, and 6, and walking are your best bets for getting to the majority of locations in the city center. Budapest has four subway lines that connect the majority of the city's key areas.

Is the Budapest walking tour worthwhile?

Yes, the complete walking tour of Budapest is worthwhile. As you set out toward the Jewish center and discover the city's picturesque sites, you will have the opportunity to explore the hidden Budapest walking tour and will experience wonderful relaxation and joy.

Is Budapest expensive for tourists?

The cost of living in Budapest might vary greatly depending on your needs. If you don't include lodging, you may visit the city for as little as 30 EUR per day if you're on a tight budget. Even on a small budget, you can taste delicious local or international meals all day long and have a memorable experience.


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