Budapest Parliament Tour

Budapest Parliament

The tallest building in Budapest and the third-largest national assembly building in the world, the Hungarian Parliament is known for its unique grandeur all over the world. Known as the Hungarian Parliament building after its location, this architecture is a notable landmark of Hungary, and with the entry to visitors, a popular tourist destination in Budapest as well. The Hungarian Parliament is unique in multiple aspects. It is known that the building was decorated using 22-carat gold... Yes, you heard it right! With the provision of the Budapest parliament tour, visitors have the freedom to navigate and stroll around the building to learn all about the history of neo-gothic architecture surrounding the views. Consisting of a beautiful dome symbolizing the year of the settlement of Hungary, which preserves the Hungarian Holy Crown as well, the building is home to the royal Great Staircase and various decorative paintings including a troupe of statues and colored windows in the gold-studded corridor of the parliament. Steindl designed the Hungarian Parliament and ensured to incorporate a lot of numerical facts to illustrate the importance of the structure. The building is lavishly adorned with 40 kg of gold, decorated with rare gold leaves which are on display for the visitors to see in the intricate detailing of the designed building.

Budapest Parliament Tour Online

Always fantasized about being in the parliament and taking in all of its political feels? What about the added advantage of that being the parliament of another country? Sounds exciting, right? Take the opportunity to tour the Hungarian Parliament, the world's third largest parliament in Budapest, 268 meters in length, and known for its extravagant architecture and intricate detailing, with great history attached to it.Book the online tickets to the 45 minutes live guided tour in the Parliament. Skip the queue at the entrance by booking your confirmation online for a smooth visit to this famous Budapest landmark and make sure to capture countless memories of yourself with the backdrop of the stunning views of this historic architecture.

Combo Packages For Budapest Parliament

Hungarian Parliament Guided Tour + River Danube Sightseeing Cruise

This combo ticket provides you a 2-in-1 access to a guided tour of the Hungarian Parliament and the River Danube sightseeing cruise. Save a lot and enlighten yourself with fascinating facts about the Parliament from your expert and multilingual tourist guide and stand in admiration of the neo-Gothic architecture of the structure with significant designs of history and excellent craftsmanship.

Grand City Tour with Parliament Visit

This combo is to discover some of Budapest's most preferred attractions and then a stroll inside the Hungarian Parliament in assistance with a professional guide. Make sure to enjoy stunning views of the vistas from the Gellért Hill and wander past the oldest bridge in Budapest, the Chain bridge.

Hungarian Parliament Guided Tour + Full-Day Access to Széchenyi Spa

Want to have fun at the largest bathing facility in Europe and then go sightseeing at the Hungarian Parliament? It's your sign to get these pocket-friendly tickets! Take a stroll inside the magnificent building and complete your day with fun activities and a relaxation session at the spa.

Hungarian Parliament Tour + Entry to Széchenyi Spa + River Danube Cruise Tickets

Wish to explore Budapest on a budget? This is the best combo ticket to tick the three must-do things in Budapest off your bucket list! The combo includes a visit to the Hungarian Parliament building, cruise on the Danube and enjoying a good session at the Széchenyi Spa.

Why Visit Budapest Parliament?

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is one of the tallest and is the third-largest national assembly building in the world. With interiors studded in 22 carat gold, the visit provides the opportunity to explore the 691 rooms during the Parliament tour inclusive of a walk through the 10 courtyards and 28 decorative entrances. Don’t forget to observe the detailed work on the interiors and get awed by the intricate and stunning designs and craftsmanship. The Parliament of Budapest has an extraordinary heating and cooling function, which is observed to be one of the most modern systems in Europe. Enjoy a tour of the Budapest parliament with your family and friends and navigate through the amazing architecture and its history of neo-gothic foundation. The dome, the galleries and the Great Staircase are some of the magnificent spaces of the historical building and while you are there, be ready to see some gold work in the heritage structures. Photos are kind of mandatory, isn’t it?

Plan Your Visit

Essential Info
How To Reach There?

The Hungarian Parliament adds up to one of the most significant and popular architectural structures of Europe. This historical building in Budapest is open for visitors accompanied by experts. The timings to visit the Hungarian Parliament during weekdays is 8AM to 6PM and on weekends in 8AM to 4PM.

The Hungarian Parliament can be reached via Line 2 of the Budapest Metro. The tram line 2, from Kossuth Lajos Square Station is another option to reach the Parliament in Budapest.

The Budapest Parliament is one of the major attractions in Europe and is home to incredible history and architecture. You can take a guided tour of around 45 minutes all around the premises of the Parliament. However, make sure to keep in mind a few things

  • Visitors are not allowed to stay in the Hungarian Parliament once completed with the Budapest parliament tour. The duration of the tour also depends if the tour is guided or not.
  • Clicking photographs is forbidden in the Dome Hall of the Budapest Parliament. However, photography and videography is allowed in all the other corners of the Hungarian Parliament.
  • Book your tickets online to avoid the rush at the Visitors Center. No baggage is allowed in the building so carry your backpacks accordingly.
  • Get ready to be awed by the interiors of the architecture. It's all worth it!


Can we book Budapest Parliament Tour Online?

The Hungarian Parliament is one of the most popular attractions of Budapest and is also open for guided tours for which the tickets are in great demand. Book your admission online for great convenience and greater discounts. Get the instant confirmation and mobile voucher on the go!

What is the best time for the Budapest Parliament Tour?

The guided tours are of a duration of 45 minutes and conducted periodically. Usually early in the morning and towards the end of the day, it tends to be the most explorative time to visit the magnificent building. In case you decide to buy tickets from the Visitor Center, it's advised to reach there early in the morning for the preferred time and slot.

Can you go inside Budapest parliament?

The Hungarian Parliament is one of the most popular attractions in Budapest and is open for tourist tours accompanied by a professional guide. The tour is around 45 minutes.

Why is the Budapest Parliament so famous?

The Hungarian Parliament is one of the most popular architectural sites in the world. This global structure is one of the oldest, historic and stunning architecture in Budapest. With galleries, artwork and gold studded intricate detailing, the magnificence of this important building makes it a visit worth waiting for.

How old is the Hungarian parliament?

The Hungarian Parliament is around 118 years old and home to the age-old history and architecture of Budapest.


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