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About Budapest Thermal Baths

In the middle of the bitter cold winters of Budapest, you can enjoy slipping on a bathing suit and walking on the icy ground of the outdoor pool. Thermal baths in Budapest are so unique that men play chess on waterproof boards, and women sitting near the pool’s edge look so radiant. You can relax your muscles in thermal baths and make your skin softer and brighter. The relaxing thermal baths of Budapest attract thousands of visitors, even during the winters. The place has the largest thermal bath complex in Europe, and soaking in these thermal baths has long been part of the cherished routine for many people. Because of the fantastic thermal baths, Budapest is also known as an excellent spa city. However, a historic bathhouse like Szecheny is one of the city's most unique attractions. Budapest has around 118 thermal bath outlets, and all are well versed in serving you. Out of these 118 baths, 21 baths are from the Roman era. There are many Turkish bathhouses like Rudas, Kiraly, Veli Bej, etc. All bathhouses are made in the same style, i.e., a stone building with a dome and a central swimming pool surrounded by small pools.

Book Budapest Thermal Baths Online

You can book online tickets for Budapest baths as it will save lots of time and effort; otherwise, you need to stand in the long queue and wait for the tickets. You make also avail great discounts if you buy tickets online.

Types of Thermal Baths in Budapest

For many years local people have enjoyed the mineral-rich, steaming thermal water simmering under the surface of Budapest. The incredible remains of Thermae Maiores, Roman-era public baths, can still be seen in today’s northern Budapest. The thermal baths of Budapest have fantastic healing effects known as balneotherapy. Today Budapest has nine medicinal baths and 123 hot springs. The mineral content of water is comparable, and every bath has unique amenities, architecture, and size and according to different amenities, it attracts different type o visitors. The very famous and biggest thermal bath is Szechenyi, which is located in the city park.

Szechenyi Bath

Szechenyi Bath is the largest thermal baths Budapest complex in Central Europe. It is Budapest’s most famous thermal spa. With a fantastic backdrop of canary yellow walls and classical columns, it will be very easy for you to spend a day in three outdoor and 13 indoor pools. You can also enjoy pop–up bars on the exterior of Szechenyi bath pools.

Gellert Bath

Gellert Baths are the art nouveau baths that are located at the bottom of Gellert Hill and are located on the hotel of the same name. These fantastic baths have captured the golden age of the 20th century of Budapest, along with the marine tiled indoor thermal bath pool and the intricately carved columns which are surrounded by a huge indoor swimming pool. The bath's exterior has many small & large pools connected with an hourly wave machine.

Lukacs Bath

These baths from the 19th century are not as grand as the Gellert or Szechenyi baths; however, they have their own charm from the old – world. The thermal baths Budapest complex starts at the drinking hall and continues towards a luxuriant garden which is lined with a notice of grateful patients whose victuals are cured by the water. After that, you will also find the maze of saunas, swimming pools, changing rooms, jacuzzi bubbles, etc.

Kiraly Bath

Part 19th, part Ottoman century, the Kiraly bath of the coziest and smallest bath. With the help of underground pipes, these Turkish pashas have constructed away from the water sources and in the city walls to make sure that the bathing could be done uninterruptedly, even in the case of war. Along with the thermal bath, you can enjoy the interior garden's beauty by having wooden hot tubs and various cots. It is one of the best baths in Budapest.

Rudas Bath

This fantastic complex is segregated into three parts, i.e., the recently open wellness center, the swimming pool, and the Ottoman–era steam bath. Rudas bath is equipped with a cupola – a covered Turkish bath with an octagonal main swimming pool dating back to the 16th century. Bathing is single–gender during weekdays but mixed on weekends. However, the roman style wellness center and the swimming pool are always incorporated.


Hidden inside the hospital, off the Danube, you will find the Veli Bej baths. Like Kiraly and Rudas, this impressive Turkish bath complex is from the 16th century. The interior of this thermal baths Budapest is fresh and has a striking salmon pin wall. The original features of this thermal bath have the remains of the cupola and the stone arches. The four side pools of the bath boast the domed chamber and are available in different temperatures.

Know Before You Book Budapest Thermal Baths

  • LocationUnwind the beautiful setting equipped with healing baths with some amazing pools to enjoy, take a swim, and plunge in them to get rid of the fatigue. You can prepare to visit the relaxing Szechenyi Spa by reaching the location below.
    Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary

  • How to reachBy Train – From Nyugati Pu, you can take IC 658 TOKAJ and can reach Zuglo. After that, walk for 5 minutes to get Zuglo vasutallomas. From there, you need to board 72M and reach Szechenyi furdo M, which will take only 6 minutes. Now best baths in Budapest are just a few minutes away.By Car – You can hire a cab via the Robert Karoly Korut route and directly reach your destination. It will take only 25 minutes to reach Budapest baths.

  • Best time to visit the Thermal Baths in BudapestEarly morning time is less crowdy, so it will be better if you see the thermal baths during opening time, i.e., 09.00 AM. And if you are not an early bird, you can visit the baths around noon as locals used to go for lunch by this time so that you can expect less crowd.

  • Timing09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Tips to visit

  • COVID reports are required to access the thermal baths, and you need to wear masks in the indoor areas.
  • To avoid dehydration, you must drink plenty of water before and after the bath.
  • You can enjoy a sweltering sauna.
  • Make sure to check temperature labels, and if you are temperature sensitive, you should ensure the bath you are going to soak in should not have too hot.
  • You can get a private cabin if you do not want to bathe in front of others.
  • You need to carry flip-flops or shower shoes.
  • Carry a bathing suit with you and a towel.
  • You can also buy all the bathing accessories from the reception area.

FAQs for Budapest Thermal Baths

What is the dress code for Budapest baths?

Women – Women should wear decent swimwear of a sporty tankini, shorts, or a one-piece swimsuit. In swimming pools, swim caps are mandatory; however, not in thermal pools. Men – Men are also required to wear decent swimwear. A minimum of speedo style swimwear is mandatory, or you can also wear shorts swim trunk. If you want more coverage, you can also go for a wet suit.Kids – If the kids are above the age of 14, then girls need to follow the dress code of women, and boys need to follow the dress code of men.

Is there any age restriction to go for Thermal Baths in Budapest?

The warm thermal baths Budapest is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years. It is because soaking in the pool can impact the cardiovascular system negatively. Babies and children who are not potty trained are also not allowed inside the thermal baths, not even if they are wearing a swim nappy.

Are there any food facilities available at Budapest Thermal Baths?

Many thermal baths have food facilities, and you can spend the entire day there. The food facility's opening time may depend on one thermal bath to another, and the range of food may also vary. However, it is sure that you can get delicious food at the Budapest baths.


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